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Circle of Sparks is a collection of original songs that resonate deeply, all expressed with Eda’s elegant and evocative songwriting and vocals. With roots in alternative country, swamp rock, torch songs, and traditional world groove, Circle of Sparks bridges multiple genres and takes the listener on a numinous and sensual journey…ending with a sublime cover of 'The River' by Ugandan exile Geoffrey Oryema. Eda’s sultry voice tugs at the heart and sings the listener into a world of textured story-scapes and soulful melodies.

Circle of Sparks was co-produced and mixed by master of the boards Simon Tassano, well known for his long-time work with British folk/rock legend Richard Thompson.

The Imagination Club is made up of frequent collaborator, multi-instrumentalist and didjeridu master Stephen Kent, Brent Stewart on guitar, Ed McClary on drums, and Chris Kee on Bass. Guests include Manose (Deva Premal) on bansuri flute, David Philips (Tom Waits, Nora Jones, etc etc..) on pedal steel guitar, Mark McGee (Gregg Allman) on guitar, and Jane Selkye (Me Jane) on vocals, among others.

1. Ghost Eye (Maxym, Selkye) 5:15
2. Helicopter (Maxym) 4:49
3. One Summer (Maxym) 6:52
4. Here (Maxym, Kent) 4:41
5. So Many Lights (Maxym, Kent, Valsamis) 6:32
6. Mind and the Fire (Maxym, Kent, Valsamis, Anthony) 4:16
7. Trouble (Maxym) 5:19
8. Everything (Maxym) 4:22
9. The River (Oryema) 6:35

Eda Maxym- Vocals
Stephen Kent- didgeridoo, guitars, percussion, cello-sintir (5), bass (6)
Brent Stewart - guitars
Ed McClary – drums
Chris Kee – bass

With Special Guests
Jane Selkye - vocals (1,7,9) guitar (8)
John Loose - electronic ambience (1, 2, 3) tabla (5)
David Phillips - pedal steel guitar (9)
Michael Hays – guitar (2)
Manose - bansuri flute (9)
Peter Valsamis - drums, keyboard (5)
Mark McGee – guitar (4, 7)
Steve Gibson – guitar (4, 7)
Shea Comfort – kaval (5)
Tina ‘bean’ Blaine – udu (9)
Simon Tassano - keyboard (1), sequencing (3)


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Imagination Club, previewed by emusic.com

"On her first solo effort, Eda Maxym performs the equivalent of musical alchemy in the creative expanses of
Imagination Club. Maxym’s powerful voice (both literal and figurative) has grown and matured greatly over the years; from tribal chant, adding primal urgency to the shamanic excursions of Trance Mission, to the lush folk lullabies she sang for the Beasts Of Paradise. Now, with a stellar group of musicians and collaborators supporting her in a myriad of idioms (funk, folk, blues, world and rock) she puts it altogether. Her re-working of the Beatles, “I’ve Got A Feeling” is erotic, scary, slightly debauched and fully charged. She gets inside the tune so deeply that she morphs it from the inside out to become something completely fresh, vital and new.

A mature, sophisticated and deeply engaging musical journey, Maxym is a siren that sometimes sweetly, sometimes sadly, but always seductively beckons the listener to join her as a full-fledged member of Imagination Club."

  - emusic.com

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