Ok, I am all about new beginnings…and at this time in this new year, I am here at my manager’s office taking an overdue step into the world of blogging. What can I say? I’m an old fashioned kind of gal and it took me a while. Most days I spend my spare time (when I am not trying to figure out how to make a career in music succeed at a challenging time of changing paradigms…but I digress) working in the garden, walking my dog, or cooking for the family…pretty exciting stuff. It did not occur to me that there would be people who might be interested in following my musings, although I know that I do have a thing or two to share sometimes that may amuse. Nevertheless, here I am beginning what will no doubt be an interesting ride, one where we can take the opportunity to meet and delight in sharing our adventures, our thoughts, our travels, and our desires. I am throwing my pebble in the pond of a community of known and unknown friends from near and afar. I invite you to open the door to my world, one which has many rooms for many guests, all welcome as members of the Imagination Club, which is not only the name of my band but is also a gathering of people who are interested in creating and being in the inquiry together. I am looking forward to sharing our travelers’ tales.

So here’s my first bit of news!

My new recording Circle of Sparks is being released this week. I am so pleased with this project. So many absolutely fabulous Bay Area musicians joined me for this one and as usual my co-producer, Simon Tassano added his magic along the way. I am currently booking gigs for later this spring and beyond and I will have more news very soon regarding show dates.

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4 Responses to “Beginnings”

  1. Michael Banks Says:

    Hello Eda!

    We love your new album. Truly superb! Stephen gave me a copy recently. I am Pres of Live Mag and would like to talk with you about how we can publicize Circle of Sparks and get you major exposure – if you’re interested. Please call me on 415/625-9225 or e-mail me on

    All the best, Michael

  2. Emily Park Says:

    Hi Eda,
    I dropped by your website to be happily informed of your 2011 recording! I just enjoyed listening to the song you made the video for around the time that I last saw you…I hope you have a fabulous spring tour and spread your mosaic of your musical voice all around!

  3. Trs Says:

    Thank you for your music, every album is a joy for me

  4. Herbert D. Says:

    Greetings from Stuttgart, Germany. Wonderful album! -

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